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Welcome to our ionized water pages where we offer information about water ioniser machines, alkaline water and its inherent health benefits.

The science is complex and molecular physics can be difficult to understand so we have provided you with as much information about ionized water as possible. We know for sure that an acidic body is the cause of much pain and disease - there is no doubt about that as there is a scientific consensus. The presence of too many free radicals is damaging to any substance, especially human body tissue. To get the pH balance back to alkaline, Drinking alkaline water has shown to be a very effective remedy for acidosis.

Most of us don’t realize that the bottled water we buy is typically little more than municipal water, minimally treated  and filtered so much that you may as well be drinking distilled (and highly inactive) water. Ionisation adds molecular energy to the water and increases its potential to detox your body by combining with other chemicals as it has a large amount of free hydrogen ions which are looking for a partner to bind with and our body finds them in the form of free radicals; these are toxins that result in an acidic body which becomes overwhelmed and cannot neutralize naturally.

Our intake of acidic foods and especially sodas, reduces the ability to detox your body. Ionized / alkaline water addresses this imbalance of ions and helps the body “scoop up” these waste like a toxic magnet and by-products of our biochemistry and allows them to be processed and removed. The result is a non-acidic body, a vibrant feeling of energy and vitality and a much reduced incidence of pain and inflammation.

An Acidic Body Results in Pain

There are many false claims made about alkaline water and water ionisers which have confused buyers so we have attempted (with the assistance of information from scientists and doctors of molecular biology) to show that the benefits are real. Too many people have used ionised water regularly and reported health improvements for it not to be. The owner of this site was prompted to buy a water ioniser and then stock and market ionised water products purely through trying them for a while himself and realizing there were real health and quality of life benefits. As for curing major diseases, alkaline water is unlikely to do that and such claims are mostly nonsense; however, helping to fight disease through healthier digestion and optimized toxin removal might well contribute to a recovery program.

In order for you to decide for yourself, we will help you “take the plunge” into ionised water so you can find out first-hand how it offers a better environment for your body to function efficiently. Feeling good is not always about taking something to improve your emotion or perspective; a healthier metabolism has exactly the same effect and requires no supplements, additional chemicals for your body to process, nor any side effects other than feeling better.

Do your body and mind a favour, book a free trial or a demonstration of our ionised water products – once you try it we think you will never drink regular water again!

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